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Breed: British Shorthair (Boy)
Personality: Foolish / Sweetheart / Gluttonous

​Type&Shape: Round and fat / Big eyes / Tail has 3 lines

Strength: Will grab food

​About: Realistic cat, very easy to bring it home, if you prepared a bunch of snacks

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Breed: British Shorthair (Girl)

Personality: Princess

Type&Shape: Have tummy / Black hair at top of the ears / Black paws

Strength: Willing play with people with her chew toy

About: The only daughter of hotel owner, dislike play with male cats, like stay with female cats.

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Breed: Mainecoon (Boy)

Personality: Very emotional

Type&Shape: Sharp and big ears / Big tail / 4 legs are white

Strength: Bite people suddenly

About: Abandoned in office by former owner for 2 weeks, we use around half year to make it feel safe and stable