Question 1 : Is Honey Cat Hotel a licensed hotel ?

Answer: Yes, our license number is 001753。


Question 2 : Is there any medicine feeding service? ?

Answer: Yes, there is no extra charge for medicine feeding.


Question 3 : Cats need injection services (such as Subcutaneous fluids), is there this service?

Answer:Yes, we will arrange experienced vet assistant to do and the charges are direct pay to the vet assistant.


Question 4 : Can I bring my own belongings to check in ?

Answer:Ok, you can bring own food bowl / water dispenser / cat litter / dry food etc…


Question 5 : What do I need to bring to check in ?

Answer:An effective vaccine card is required. It is recommended to bring the cat's favorite toys, or the owner's clothes, or everythings that he / she like, so that the cat can adapt to the new environment faster.


Question 6 : What will you do if my cat feels unwell during the stay?

Answer:If the cat feels unwell during the stay, we will first notify the cat owner and take the cat to see vet if necessary. We will also ask for emergency contact information when checking in, just in case.