Boarding Conditions

  1. The hotel has the absolute discretion to accept or reject boarding.An effective vaccination card is required before check-in and unhealthy cats will not be accepted. 
  2. Cats that are boarding at the hotel must be at least three months old. 
  3. If the cat is receiving treatment (including feeding veterinary formula food), he must bring his own food and clearly tell the hotel staff about his medical history. 
  4. All cats must demonstrate that they have received comprehensive vaccination and annual regular injections to prevent enteric fever, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus within six months prior to boarding. This is the minimum requirement. We recommend that cats receive annual regular injections only 6 months prior to boarding. 
  5. All cats must eliminate fleas within 2 months before the stay, and must eliminate worm within 1 year. The cat owner can also be purchased at the hotel. 
  6. If there is any discomfort during boarding, the owner must provide the emergency contact information (or the contact information of the trustee) during the boarding period when the cat is staying. 
  7. Guests must pay whole of all boarding fees at the time of booking to make a reservation. 
  8. Temporary reservations must be paid within three days, otherwise the hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation. If the cat fails to check in on the date of booking or leaves early, the hotel will not have a refund. 
  9. Cancel the booking will not have any refunded but can hold all the deposit one year and can reschedule once only.
  10. Except for the scope of control of the hotel, the hotel only accepts the boarding period of the cat owner in the reserved place. Any request to extend the boarding period will be considered as much as possible by the hotel, but it must be permitted depending on the circumstances. However, the hotel reserves the right to ask the cat owner to move his cat away from the hotel immediately upon the expiration of his boarding period. If it is left in the hotel and not returned after the expiration of the listed boarding period, the hotel will treat the cat as abandoned and dispose of the cat in accordance with the relevant Hong Kong regulations. Therefore, the cat may be removed from the hotel and disposed of separately. 
  11. In any case, this Association is not responsible for any loss, escape damage, illness or even death of a boarding cat. Therefore, the owner must truthfully inform the cat about the physical condition and avoid accidents. 
  12. If the owner provides his or her own special food on the veterinarian's prescription, the hotel must inform the hotel and provide enough special food for the cat to eat during boarding. Self-prepared food will not be reduced boarding fee. And we will provide specified dry food and drinking water for cats. 

13.If the cat is in an emergency physical condition, the hotel staff can take the cats to the veterinary clinic for treatment. However, the owner must pay for all expenses (medical fees, transportation).

  1. At the time of boarding, and using a full range of professional grooming services at the hotel, you can enjoy a 20% off discount on grooming services. Welcome to inquire and book a full set of professional grooming services. 

(a) The owner must make an appointment for grooming services and boarding services. 

(b) If the check out time is before 1 pm, the grooming service is arranged before the day of leaving. 

  1. The visit time is from 3 pm to 7 pm daily. The hotel reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. 
  2. These boarding regulations are available in both Chinese and English. In case of any ambiguity or interpretation, the Chinese version shall prevail. 
  3. The hotel reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to modify, replace or delete any or all of the terms and conditions set forth in the boarding regulations or to enter into new conditions and conditions without prior notice.


Cancel Policy:

1.  All the rooms reserved can NOT be cancelled.

2. Cancel the booking will not have any refunded but can hold all the deposit one year and can reschedule once only.